Condition at a Glance

Is there anything I can do about the changes in my skin; it is so dull and uneven and I am getting fine lines as well.

Our skin is the only organ of the body to outwardly show the signs of aging. Many things happen together to yield the look of ageing skin.  Skin thins, loses its ability to hold moisture, oil production slows, fat cells shrink and collagen thins, making the skin less supple and elastic. Wrinkling, folds and a sagging, loose appearance is the result. Skin cell “turnover” or rejuvenation slows as well, resulting in a dull, uneven appearance.


How Do I Treat This?

There are many temporary “fixes” that cause the skin to “plump up” and show a short-lived improvement in appearance. Alternatively, The Lutronic Spectra Nd:YAG is specifically designed stimulate the skin’s own rejuvenation process. By stimulating the body’s natural healing response, lost collagen is rebuilt and the skin’s internal structure recovers. The result is clearer, less-shadowed and smoother skin


What else do I need to know?

A series of treatments, usually one month apart, is required.

To prevent further damage from sun exposure, individuals should always wear sunblock at all times if going into the sun and avoid both direct and passive exposure wherever possible. Your consultant can assist you in choosing an effective block that is easy to wear.